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Drew Yahn

52 Doors in Regina and Area

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Drew Yahn  
52 Doors in Regina and Area

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JV Features

How Much Money/Price ?
Appraisal Value - $10,480,000
Purchase Price - $9,100,000
Amount needed - $2,600,000
Offering 60% ownership through shareholder loan for the purchase amount.
Why this deal is good for Investors ?
5-6% Cash on cash return per annum
9-15% total return in appreciation, mortgage paydown, and cashflow
Full principle return after 5-7 years pending refinance
Properties are duplexes and fourplexes across southeastern Saskatchewan, providing housing services for families and workers in well diversified economies, supported by oil, gas, potash, agriculture, and more.
Communities of Regina, Moosomin, Wapella, Rocanville, Esterhazy, Carlyle, and Redvers.
Low vacancy, low to no maintenance as all buildings are 1-5 years old. Well built construction. All units are built as condos and may be sold separately if the opportunity presents itself.
Potential for further future development of more units in strategic areas.
JV Details
Minimum $150,000 investment, up to 2.6 million for 60% ownership through limited partnership. Investors set to be silent partners and receive monthly cashflow from the properties. JVPs interested in an advisory role will be considered as well. There is room for adjustments to any agreements made to optimize agreement for all interested parties.

Exit Strategy - Set up for long term buy and hold, with options to sell individual properties and roll over capital gains into larger opportunities as they arise, sell as individual condos, or all units together.
This deal involves the purchase of 19 fourplexes and duplexes across southeastern Saskatchewan. Investors will own a share of all properties, minimizing the risks involved with investing in a single building. The properties are all located in economically diverse communities supported by oil, natural gas, mining, agriculture, construction and more. For a more complete list, see community summaries beginning on page 5 of this document.
A minimum investment of $150,000CDN is required for this deal. Investors can expect a return on their principle of roughly 5% per year, with a full return of their principle in year 5 to 7 after refinancing. After full return of principle, investors maintain their share of the properties which will continue to pay out 5% per year in annual dividends, plus 5-7% in mortgage pay down, and any added appreciation.
These properties have been appraised for a value of $10,480,000. They are all new built within the last 5 years. They offer spacious, well developed living space for workers and families living in these communities.

We are offering 60% ownership for the $2,600,000 shareholder’s loan.
Financial Analysis
Current Potential
Monthly Rental $ 65,000 $ Current buildings are
Gross Annual Income $ 780,000 $ all optimized for
Vacancy 7% $ 54,600 $ maximum income

Total Annual Income $ 725,400 $


Annual Maintenance $ 42,000 $
Annual Property Tax $ 65,000 $
Utilities $ Paid by tenants $
Annual Insurance $ 20,000 $
Annual Management $ 55,000 $

Total Expenses $ 182,000 $
*expenses are estimated high to be conservative. They will likely be lower than estimated.

Income post-expenses $ 543,400 $

Mortgage $ 369,060 $


Net Annual ROI $ 174,340 $

Per Month $ 14,528 $


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