"The Wealthy Investor Network” (WIN).
Anton  James

"The Wealthy Investor Network” (WIN).

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Anton James  


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Anton James , Michael Ponte
This event repeats on the 3rd Thursday of every month
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Holiday Inn Express
15808 104th Avenue, , Surrey, BC
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British Columbia
Welcome to “The Wealthy Investor Network” (WIN).

Recognizing a need for a professional Real Estate Investing support network,, WIN was formed by Dr. Anton James and sponsor ; Mr. Michael Ponte, CEO of Prosperity Investments . Recently , we added Mr Geoff Lee of GLM Mortgage Group.

The group’s mission is to empower individuals so that they can break through any barriers so as to enjoy the kind of life they envision for themselves and their loved ones.

We hope to fulfill that mission by providing a forum whereby individual investors can share their knowledge, experience and enhance their networks.

Our focus is on education and raising one’s level of financial knowledge; for, we believe that gaining the right information and training, ultimately leads to financial independence and freedom.

We are excited about real estate, for Real Estate is indeed an essential element in anyone's journey to financial freedom. We believe that well chosen , positive cash-flowing rental real estate is a part of any well diversified investment portfolio.

WIN holds monthly success based educational workshops in the areas of business, self improvement, and investing . These are designed to teach you how to successfully invest in real estate. Through case studies, we will explore new investment opportunities, learning what to look for and what to be wary of.

Here you will find a warmly inviting community . Business and Investing are indeed team sports ; and here you will surround yourself with success-oriented people, in a mutually supportive and non-competitive atmosphere, sharing ideas and resources, so prospering together.

So whether you are a novice investor and just considering getting started in real estate investing or you’re an experienced investor looking to take your investing business to the next level; then join us. You have found the right group.

You are welcomed to register for our upcoming meeting by visiting the event page. Meetings are always loads of fun.

We look forward to connecting with you soon at our next workshop.


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